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There are many reasons why business owners or managers need office furniture. Those include new business startups, businesses that are expanding, satellite office setup, installation of a home office, and because a business is moving into a new space. There are three solutions to satisfy your need for office furniture:  New, Used, and Remanufactured.  We will explain the differences between each and then walk you through the pros and cons of each in this blog.

Each one of the three types is valuable.  A purchasing agent must decide which is the best.  Because each business is unique, a blanket answer to that question is not available. In this “Designing the Perfect Office” blog we walk you through the considerations before you choose office furniture (including a case study) and help you determine your needs for furniture.  Along the way, this blog will provide you with everything you necessary to decide which is best for you.

Welcome to Tri-State Office Furniture and our 525,000 square feet of warehouse showrooms.


Considerations — Before You Choose Office Furniture

Office furniture is a tool that helps your valued employees do their jobs in comfort and with efficiency. The same level of consideration should go into choosing office furniture as goes into choosing computers, electronics, and even your business’s location. The outcome of your efforts either creates a space where you, your managers, and your employees are comfortable, engaged in their tasks, or uncomfortable and distracted.

While your team’s comfort is important, office furniture does more than just provide comfort.  Several other important Considerations are:

  • The special needs of employees, their job, and the function of their job. Think about lighting, noise pollution, security, and privacy, etc.
  • The design of your office and layout of the furniture. Think about traditional office design, open office design or a hybrid of both.
  • The impact of your office’s design on visitors, customers, and clients. Think does your office design inspire confidence or create concerns?
  • The ability of your business to grow, add new employees, services, etc. The decision you make is greater than the needs of today and should include the projection of your business’s future needs too.

Each of these points impacts the decision-making process of whether to go with new, used or remanufactured office furniture. On top of these needs, are the differences between all three of these options and other considerations, such as cost, availability, etc? A good example of why this matters comes from the tech industry.

Case Study: Open Office Design and Its Downfall

Back in the .com era, startup companies sprang into existence almost instantly. Their budgets were short, and for many, their life spans were even shorter. These are the companies that brought us the open office design. A design that discarded cubical cities and created a task-oriented space. This design occurred because of short budgets and the idea that cramming people together would increase their productivity, creativity, and focus.

Since then open office design has taken off as the coolest trend, but studies show that open office design does not increase productivity, creativity or enhance focus. In fact, it does just the opposite. The constant drone of 100 phone conversations, people chatting, telephones ringing, the sound of 200 hands typing, and people coming and going impedes creativity, productivity, and destroys focus. [1]

This is a prime example of why the result of what you create should be forefront during the office design process. What you create is a tool that will either help your team excel or not. Notice that we have not even gotten to the “which is better for you — New, used or refurbished.” That is because setting up an office is more than just picking out a nice looking desk. The process can become overwhelming, but that is why Tri-State Office Furniture is a leader throughout Pittsburgh (McKees Rocks) PA, Wheeling WV, and Charleston WV.

We are here to help you evaluate your office’s needs, show you furniture that fits those needs, and to reduce the stress of buying furniture for your office. Reach out to us at any point during the design process, and we will happily provide you with outstanding service. Chat with us online at Tri-State Office Furniture.


Consider Your Office Furniture Needs

There are many factors to consider when you plan an office. A good tip is to think about what your office needs are for today, and will be for the next year. Those two aspects become the current list of needs for your office. That does not mean you have to buy everything you need today, but by being aware of your immediate needs and upcoming needs, you can make a more informed decision about how to proceed. A short list of things to jot down before shopping for office furniture:

Total usable square footage

Estimation of visitors — Do you need a waiting area and reception desk? Privacy, meeting, and conference needs

Total number of employees

Specialty groups of employees — Think accounting, marketing, etc. Shared space needs such as work centers, etc.

Lighting needs total budget

Your goal it to get the most value for the money spent. Remember that the money you spend on office furniture is not all of the money that you spend. The rent for your office space is also part of that process. That is why it is important to get the most usage out of the space you have. The process of designing an office space is all about creating value both for the use of office space and the opportunities that your office space can provide. From here, you can look deeper into what type of office furniture you need — New, Used or Refurbished

New Office Furniture — Pros and Cons



Pros — One of the best features of new office furniture is that you are buying the latest style with options to include easy implementation of the latest technology. If your business model is constantly adjusting to meet the evolving needs of your industry, then consider the benefits of new office furniture, rather than used.

Pros — New designs also help to send a message to your employees and customers. An office that is current exudes the feeling of confidence and style, and that is a power statement. Consider the trends of open office design. The reason that so many non-tech offices opted for open office designs was to appear innovative. Tech startups are highly innovative, and that message was not lost on other industries.

Pros — New office furniture also means good opportunities for choosing green products, green manufacturing, and sustainable materials. If your customer’s corporate vision includes environmental concerns, then consider the benefits new office furniture offers.

Con — One of the downfalls of new office furniture is that is usually the most expensive. Tip: However, if your team requires something specific then remember that there is no substitute for the best tool for that job.

Resources: Reach out to Tri-State Office Furniture if you have questions, need help with ordering or designing your space. You can chat with us online, by phone, or send an email.

Used Office Furniture Pros and Cons



Pros — One of the many great features about used office furniture is that it is often the most affordably priced so you can easily extend the value of your purchase.

Pros — Another positive of used office furniture is that there is usually a large selection available in many styles, colors, and materials.

Pros — Used office furniture is a green product. It fits right into the mantra of “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” Buying used is very green.

Pros — It serves a purpose and can be a good starting point for a new business venture.

Cons — Finding large quantities of matching styles is difficult, but not impossible. The exception is cubicles, which are usually available in quantity.

Cons — It can have little flaws, such as chips, dings, and scratches.

Cons — It can show its age by its design — Think 1970’s style

Used office furniture is almost always a great deal. If you have a limited budget or need furniture to get your business up and running, then used is a great way to go. Many of the designs are somewhat timeless, and at Tri-State Office Furniture all of our used office furniture is high quality.  Don’t take our word for it, please explore our huge selection of used office furniture.


Remanufactured Office Furniture




Remanufactured office furniture is something that many people do not consider simply because they don’t know about it. We are always excited about remanufactured furniture because it has a like-new quality without the like-new price.

Pros — Resurfaced to match your color schemes — including cubicle wall fabric and laminates for desk surfaces. Remanufactured offers some of the most creative options for office design.

Pros — This is a highly green form of furniture as it repurposes and reuses existing products thus limiting the impact on the environment. As far as green furniture goes, this is one step down from used furniture, but the results are amazing.

Pros — Less expensive than buying new.

Pros — In great shape with clean, scratch-free surfaces

Pros — Great value with modern styling and color options

Cons — Requires a longer wait time for custom color and fabric choices

Cons — Not always available in large quantities

Cons – Usually more expensive than used.

Cons — While refreshed color schemes help add a modern touch, styles can be dated

Remanufactured office furniture means that the piece has new fabric (cubical walls) repainted or stained wood and refinished wood. At Tri-State Office Furniture we offer in-house electrostatic painting and will work with you to match your office color schemes.

Remanufactured furniture is a real boon to office design. It bridges the gap between used and new, and it does so with sophistication and value. Reach out to use about our selection of refurbished office furniture or to ask questions about our electrostatic paint process.


Why choose Tri-State Office Furniture?

We offer outstanding prices on new, used, and refurbished office furniture.  Some other reasons to choose us:

Tip: We ship nationally, and we work with offices of all sizes.

Huge Selection — When it comes to office design and furniture selection, Tri-State Office Furniture is here to help. We offer a long list of services and one of the largest furniture inventories throughout the Tri-State area. Local businesses can stop by any of our three massive warehouses and peruse our 525,000 square feet of quality office furniture. We have physical locations in Pittsburgh (McKees Rocks) PA, Wheeling WV, and Charleston WV.

Full design services — Take advantage of our design service which helps businesses of all sizes get the most out of the space they have. Email our design team to get started.

Regular Local Deliveries —We offer regular deliveries to businesses within the Pittsburgh, Wheeling, Cleveland, Akron, Erie, Charleston, Huntington, Beckley, Parkersburg, Ashland, and Clarksburg.

Established Companies – We carry recognizable name brand furniture in used, refurbished, and new options.

Versatile Stock – Our products work in both the corporate and residential settings

We are happy to answer your questions or put together a quote that is specific to your business. We are easy to work with and make the process of designing and furnishing your office a snap. Contact Us for questions, inventory, or help with new, remanufactured or used office furniture. We provide a non-pressure sales process and work with you so that you can make an informed decision about how to furnish your office.


Learn More and Dig Deeper:


  • The Open Office Concept is Dead — Fortune


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