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If you have read any of our other publications, you know that one of the key players in the office furniture game is Kimball Office. We featured Kimball Office in the third part of our top 100 Office Furniture Companies series last year. Kimball Office, originally known as a piano manufacturer, was acquired by the small contract furniture company the Jasper Corporation in 1959. From this collaboration of furniture and fine artistic craftsmanship has evolved into one of the most recognized names in office furniture. They produce a full line of office, hospitality, healing, and learning environment furnishings. This company has a global reach and is known as Kimball International.

The interesting thing about the Kimball Office line is that it has been and continues to be a go to furnisher for the Government. These sort of contracts take a great deal of quality and craftsmanship. The Kimball office line has also been used in many television and film productions. These products tend to emit grandeur and a classic office feel. Unlike Kimball Office’s twin company; the National Office Furniture brand is a line of Kimball products made in mind for the newer or smaller companies with less disposable income, or large companies that have a tighter budget. National Office Furniture is designed to be manufactured with a short lead turn around, and have a more modern feel.

No matter the look and feel that an office environment is aiming for, the use of a Kimball line will seamlessly achieve that style. As aKimball Cetra Workstations leader in high quality and stylish design Kimball Office and National Office Furniture lines are the perfect furnishing to be refurbished and renewed. Our company, Tri-State Office Furniture has dealt with many Kimball Office products, rehoming the furniture is always easy since these products are of such great value and so visually pleasing. Below are just a few of our available Kimball Office items that we currently have in the warehouse. Call us at (412) 771-0760


We have Kimball Office Cubicles that provide partial privacy, while not completely segregating employees, which allows for positive team coordination, proof that this company is on the cutting edge. This system, while pre-owned, is still very relevant in the current culture of most office systems. Almost every business seminar incorporates some sort of team building recommendations as well as newly designed office furnishing catering to a less segregated and more connected model of office stylings.




Kimball Office Traditional FurnitureKimball Office Traditional Furniture

Kimball Office is also known for being a classic, which makes them ideal for the political offices but also those with a traditional eye for style. Classic staples never go out of fashion and displays a certain esteem. These furnishing are always moving through our showroom quickly because of their high quality and sustaining demand.

Kimball Office also offers modern in contrast to the classic designs for the group seating, lounge, or lobby Kimball Tezett Club Chairareas. Though they are known for their wood craftsmanship, they also have high quality man made materials that provide just as much durability.

Tri-State Office Furniture is home to many Kimball Office and National Office Furniture products. We are happy to give these already, valuable products, extended life by offering pre-owned and refurbished Kimball Products. For more information on the Kimball International Inc follow the hyperlink or ask any of our representative.



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