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Desks and Office Suites

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living,

your office desk should be as functional as it is stylish.

Office desks are an essential part of every business whether your company is located in a multi-story complex or a spare bedroom at home.  If you’ve been looking for an office desk, receptionist’s desk, writing desk or small conference desk.   L-shaped, U-shaped or rectangular, Tri-State offers office furniture to fit the needs of any individual’s work load.  To accommodate both large and small offices, as well as personal preference for the size of the desk, they come in a number of lengths, widths and depths. We also carry modesty panels, pencil drawers and other accessories to customize your work stations, office desks and training rooms.

Wood Veneer

Veneer (6)

Beautiful hand selected wood veneer, available in hundreds of options.  With accents of antique brass and crown molding in mahogany for a traditional look, or in cherry with flush drawer pulls and sleek edge details for a modern feel.



We offer a comprehensive line of premium grade, easy to clean laminate desks, storage, and tables designed to support a wide range of users and a variety of work environments.  With an extensive selection of finishes, hardware options, and styles to choose from, it’s easy to create a meaningful and beautiful work spaces.



High pressure laminated tops with powder coated finish heavy-duty metal bases for long-lasting use.



Benching desks bring together both form and function to the workplace in a package that is as high-tech and multi-functional as it is stylish.  From open, collaborative spaces to focused environments, they can be designed to meet the future demand of any workplace.  Engineered for the way you work today, and designed to adapt with you in the future, perfect for the needs of a diverse and ever-changing work environment.

Height Adjustable

Compete Studio3

Health authorities recommend changing posture from a sitting to standing position throughout the day to avoid the harmful long term effects of too much sitting.  Adjustable height desks available with crank, electric or pneumatic gas lift bases are easy, quick, and quiet to operate and offer the optimal range to accommodate people of all sizes.

Typical Desk Layouts


Not sure what you’re looking for.  Take a look at our gallery of the typical office configurations, or contact our knowledgeable & creative design department:

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