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Highly efficient production is the foundation of every business. Whether on the production floor, in the board room, or on the human resources team, there are obstacles to overcome in achieving the division’s goals. Understanding how to maximize the potential for efficiency by negating traffic jams and miscommunication is a key part to any company. Large companies even have their employees sign a non-compete compliance contract that can either bar an employee from seeking employment with a competitor for a specified period of time or a confidentiality agreement to protect their intellectual property – which is not limited to but can include office layout and flow. Finding your perfect office layout may take time and a series of trials and errors but here are a few tips and things to be aware of from the furniture industry professionals when implementing your office layout.

A company is only as good as it’s organizational setup. There are two main elements in the organization within the office layout – paper and people. Without organization, productivity suffers and things fall through the cracks. Investing in two organizational tools for the paper trail is critical to the survival of a company, the first being software and the second being a tangible filing system.pre-owned-filing Software is always updating and changing so for security it is a good idea to get a password protected filing system that has a support team in case of data breaches, crashes, or misuse. While many office functions can be organized using a digital system, having a hard copy is often required, especially when it comes to taxes which are recommended to be kept for seven years. Filing systems can range from large wall-to-wall files or can be small and compact fitting under each desk. Fire safety and security are also elements to think about when finding the right filing system to work for your office. To see our inventory for filing systems click here and for more information on filing guideline see a full report here


People; another area that is a foundational layout tool, is the administrative assistants and secretaries. These employees are key to instructors of the office organization. These employees need to have quick access to offices and also need to be the gatekeeper for the professional so that they can focus on their projects, allowing them to have their established space to organize and greet people sets that tone from door to door. Reception areas and administrative hubs can be found on our website here, and you may be surprised at how affordable this foundational pillar of organization is. The administrative assistant not only organizes the professional’s schedule but also aid in their communication within the company.

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Beyond organization is the communication between the people in each part of the office and their different positions. Inter-departmental communication is another area where business can either excel or be held back. Having an office layout that works to promote communication but also deters distractions can be a tricky situation to overcome. You want each team member to be able to work distraction-free while also being able to access and share the information that they and other departments need to function. It is no secret that cubicals are often used for these partially private work areas. Allsteel Concensys WorkstationsCubicals have a long history of working well but also have deterrents. Cubicles can have a very sterile feel that can be distracting to some. Another distraction is when there is social conversation or even work-related conversation that can be overheard above the cubical walls. Although there are constant design and style updates so there are endless options to combat the sterile feel. See our inventory here.


As far as the social distractions that exist with cubicles, designate social areas for breaks and group work rooms for joint projects and daily updates.  The group work areas should feel less formal then the conference or meeting rooms and be open but be respected with similar esteem. It is not a break room. This area should be comfortable and relaxing and separate from the work area so it doesn’t distract from individual tasks but close enough that it doesn’t remove staff from the work mind set.  The break rooms on the other hand is where the cliff notes for last night’s Game of Thrones episode or playoff game highlights can be reviewed and snacks or coffee will be communally available. A place to refresh, reenergize, give the teams minds an opportunity to rest ultimately avoiding fatigue, which increases productivity. Inventory for both group areas and break room can be found here.


Finding the ideal office layout will be dependent on individual office. Variables like culture, protocol, chain of command, and budget can all affect the arrangement of each office layout. Advice and the perspective of a third party are always beneficial to the planning and execution of a large or small make over. Our team at Tristate Office furniture has years of experience listening trouble shooting and designing customized office layouts for a variety of different office environments. Call us today for a free consultation and be one finding you perfect office layout

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