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Carnegie, PA – Customer Overview: The Jennison Manufacturing Group, located in Carnegie, Pennsylvania (10 minutes south of downtown Pittsburgh) and now consisting of three main companies (Jennison Corporation, Jennison Ice, and Jennison Quality Components, Inc.) has raised the bar for the manufacturing industry as a whole

Here at Jennison, we are driven by our respect for quality and precision. You can feel it in the way we do business, the way we treat our customers and the way we take on our customers’ priorities as our own. You can recognize it in our focus to detail and in our overriding concern for precision and efficiency. You can see it in our facility, a building outfitted with cutting-edge equipment and technology, which is continually being re-evaluated, upgraded and enhanced to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. And you can appreciate it in our efforts to guarantee fast turnaround and on-time deliveries. Jennison’s commitment to quality production and service is evident in all that we do.

The project scope for consists of 10 offices, 2 conference rooms, and pre-owned workstations.

Project Details:

Office furniture was delivered and in addition installed into their separate offices/conference rooms.

Refurbished Office Furniture:

  • Workstations

Services Provided:

Sales Rep: Bill Toskey

(Below are images of the installation)

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