“February proved to be an incredibly strong month for employment with increases we have not seen in years,” Ahu Yildirmaz, vice president and co-head of the ADP Research Institute

The economy is about to shift, this change will affect both large corporations and small businesses, there is a ripple effect caused by economic growth that has exponential reach.  Being prepared for these changes give competitive advantage over the business opponents. Having space and furnishing for expanding human capital, while not weighing down the current budget, or cluttering the current space is a daunting task.

Budget can be a concern for small businesses that don’t have the available funds to expand but want to engage the growing market opportunities. Utilizing previously owned furniture will decrease the need for large immediate funds while providing the need for new office furniture.  Resale distributors can offer fair and often better than their competitors pricing.  New office furniture is just as important of an investment as work force. Human capital unlike furniture can fluctuate after the initial investment new office furniture cannot, however both investments can greatly affect the bottom line.  The average cost of hiring a new employee is, for hourly employees 20% of the employee’s projected income for the year, and for salaried employees the average is between $2000-$4000.  Making an investment into the future with employees unlike furniture will be an investment that gives back. New office furniture is a investment in the moral of the team and employees.

Work Space that new employees that enter the job market need a place to work weather they are production workers, administrative staff, or service provider. Production and line worker still need space for meeting, personal belonging and breaks, and documentation of their production line’s output.  New office furniture for the production space would include meeting tables, filing cabinets, and lounge or seating solutions.  On the administration side of the office the new office furniture need is everything from specialty office furniture, lounge seating solutions, meeting tables, full filing systems, office desks, to task seating solutions.
Finding the right fit for these new office furniture that would be needed for expanding workforce is very precise and require planning and can be evaluated by a design professional at a cost.  Using the retail consultant with the new office furniture often comes free of charge and just needs to be established ahead of time.  Have clear lines, a budget, and desire for versatility with continued growth and hiring a designer can be avoided.

Flexibility. Is required for a unpredictable work force.  In a reactive economy there needs to be flexibility to grow or get lean following the tri-state-office-furniture-pittsburgh-interior-designrapid changes that are occurring in a shifting market.  The ability to be flexible with physical property is much more difficult than human capital human capital can be released at a moment’s notice.  While physical investment must either be disposed of either through auction, sale, destruction, or donation.  Having a good relationship with a re-purposing warehouse is beneficial in both the increase and decrease of the economy, because no matter the economic forecast there is are benefits.  From design and planning, to purchase and delivery, and back to resale and shipment; having a company that specializes in used and new office furniture on speed dial is never a bad thing.  Are you prepared for what this year has to offer.  Call us today with any questions, or just stop in and say hello at one of our Pittsburgh PA, Wheeling WV, or Charleston WV showrooms today.