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It is by no surprise the country that brought us Hercules, Greek yogurt, and baklava has now, also brought us one of the most exciting beta tests in furniture history a napping desk! A Greek design firm specializing an modern and out of the box design, Studio NL developed this prototype; it blends professionalism and self-preservation seamlessly to do exactly what you’d expect it to, creates a safe comfortable place with in your compact professional environment to take a snooze.


You may be thinking what’s the big deal, this is not a new concept, my roommate in college had a loft bed over her desk. Or you may even be remember that Ikea bed you had as a middle school student with a built-in desk/bed (you couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began), but this is different this is a camouflaged convertible furnishing. With a few simple adjustments this perfectly functional desk can be turned into a private horizontal resting space. The desk has a soft cot like outer wall that folds down for a spongy resting surface while the side of the desk tilts back for an inclined headrest.

So far we have explored the who and the what and as exciting as all of that is this prototype is not very exciting unless there is a reason to use it, that brings us to the why. Why was this glorious piece of office furniture dreamed into existence and the answer is science. In recent
years studies have delved deep into quality productivity, how to get the most desired results from the most unpredictable aspect of the company’s assets, its employees. These 4 setps napping deskscientific studies have confirmed what any good manager could have told you; without rest and recharge time employee performances sufferer. Now this does not include a full on lunchroom pow-wow with colored mats and blankets over the course of an hour or two, but 10- 20 min as recommended by everyone from WebMD to Forbes.

Majorly innovative companies, like Google and Apple have long been in the business of pampering their employees with out of the box work environments that include recreation areas and nap pods in an effort to arouse creative juice flow. Now this thought process is trickling down to included into the average office environment into the conversation. This focus on all over lowered stress levels correlating with higher productivity is a direction that corporate America has slowly been leaning towards with things like flex-time and 4 day work weeks that favor 10 hour work day instead of the traditional 9-5/5 days a weeks.

Unfortunately the office wide naptime might still be a few more years away. This design was actually released in 2012 and even now, 3 years later the fledgling design is just that, it is not due out for release or mass production anytime soon. Although I’m sure with all of the attention that this prototype has receive recently combined with thing like the privacy pod, which were one of the most popular features from Neocon this year, nappy stations will not be too far off from a standard office staple. Thank you Studio NL for starting to bring our dreams into reality.
naping desl close up ………. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………


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TOP 100 OFFICE FURNITURE COMPANIES – PART 4.  It’s that time again where were recap our industry favorites. Since our specialty is previously loved office furniture, we know quality products when we encounter them and we want to pass that intellect along to you. This is our last release of 25 and cover companies with the letter S-Z, as always if you have any question please contact us!



76 Sandler

This London based company has been expanding since 1982 with European designs in seating. Best known as Sandler Seating, and more recently Sandler Office, this company maintains two headquarters, one in London and one in Atlanta. Sandler specializes on hospitality seating, audience seating, and traditional office seating solutions.

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For those of you who don’t know there is an event that takes place every year in Chicago at the midway point of June. This event is the Oscars, Fashion week in Milan, and the World Cup of Furniture all rolled into one. During this, the largest most recognized gathering for commercial interior architects and designers, there are award shows for both established designers and students, galas, world class educational seminars, design debuts, and an open merchandise marketplace that host 700 exhibitors. Neocon showcases everything from commercial, contract, and residential furnishings for every industry including Workplace, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Education, Public Spaces, and Government.


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Standing Workstations. Are they really beneficial?

“Notification: At this time we are asking all employees to please stand up push your chair away from your desk adjust your desk height and then return to work. We appreciate your compliance, remember we care about your health. Thank you HR.” Notifications such as this one may very well be popping up in office settings in the very near future? I know what you maybe thinking- You want me to stand at my desk and work? But that is exactly right.

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Tri-State Office Furniture celebrates their 5th year anniversary! Wow, how time flies! Thank you to our entire staff & customers for making us such a success. Proudly serving the Tri-state area for 5 years! We’d like to give our customers a high five!

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Second hand office furniture, the best way to reinvent your office space.  We live in a time where nearly everyone is held responsible, or at least made aware of their carbon foot print. The concept of recycling is not something that needs to be explained as it is a responsibility that both individuals and corporations alike are seeking to make a habit. With stylish DIY gurus and yard sale junkies ruling the boards of Pinterest and HGTV airways folk are more incline to not need a new buy. The benefits of buying second hand  is not a new one, we see this with high priced items all of the time, like cars and real-estate. Buying furniture items second hand is not just a positive solution for personal choices but, it also applies to office spaces as well.

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