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We live in a time where nearly everyone is held responsible, or at least made aware of their carbon foot print. The concept of recycling is not something that needs to be explained as it is a responsibility that both individuals and corporations alike are seeking to make a habit. With stylish DIY gurus and yard sale junkies ruling the boards of Pinterest and HGTV airways folk are more incline to not need a new buy. The benefits of buying second hand  is not a new one, we see this with high priced items all of the time, like cars and real-estate. Buying furniture items second hand is not just a positive solution for personal choices but, it also applies to office spaces as well.

This concept of buying second hand office furniture, or office furniture that has been previously owned is not new, companies have been doing it for years. There are benefits not matter the side of the exchange, weather a company is buying or selling. Selling used furniture is a great options for companies because office furniture depreciates away all value after 7 years according to the IRS, however the items themselves still hold value and the liquidation of these items can make up some of the cost of purchasing all new items. Selling used furniture has also cuts down on the waste a company would produce disposing of the items.  In turn, not all businesses are in a position to purchase everything new and the price difference between new and used is often significant. Making the choice to purchase quality second hand office furniture is a positive one for any company.

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Second hand office furniture options can be found via traditional avenues like the for sale section of the newspaper, EBay, and craigslist. The problem with this option is timing all around. There is the lack of time allowance for those posting and searching, all of these options post in order if there are a lot of post in a particular day it is up to the poster to re post their item. Additionally these options do not keep a list of available items and purchased items, it is up to the poster to remove their adds or hope no one find them. This option while valid can be very hit or miss, and don’t appropriately match buyers with sellers or consider the need of either party. Also the sellers and buyers are left to independently barter for the own best interests and there is no guarantee of quality.


steelcaseSome major brands, like Steel Case, participate in a recycle and reuse program. This is what Steel Case refers to as a “phase 2” for their products. The company sends a representative to evaluate the condition of the used office furniture and then judge its value based on its condition. Steel Case not only purchase and sell their products second hand but also are involved in a charitable out reach. When products are not in a condition to be resold they are donated. This not only helps those in need, it also keeps their products out of the landfills, which is beneficial to the environment. More information about this program can be found by contacting Steel Case.


The best resource for buying or selling previously own office furnishings for commercial use is to contact a specialist. A company in the local market having years of experience in negotiating the best deals for both parties involved in the transaction. The benefit to using this type of company is Keep it localthat they take the furniture off site immediately and can house items that aren’t purchased immediately. This is positive for both buyer and seller, since timing of transactions might not always be perfect between the need to buy and the need to sell. The companies professionally clean all the items, guaranteeing satisfaction, and they also usually buy local. Buying local not only stimulates the economy locally, but also keeps the prices of these items at the most buyer friendly by cutting out transport fees and storage fees.  More information can be found by contacting Tri-State Office Furniture at one of our office furniture stores.

It is time again, for another installment of our top 100 Office Furniture Companies.  This is part III in our series where we are introducing you to some companies that specialize in various office furnishings. Hopefully you have found our favorites thus far, helpful in inspiring you office renovations. For this installment we look at companies around the world in our K-S series. You can always see the previous for companies, A-K by clicking the section you like to see  Part I or Part II, and if at any time you have questions about these companies or other recommendation please feel free to contact our office furniture experts at Tristate Office furniture. Enjoy companies 51 thru 75.

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51 KimballKimball originally know as a piano manufacturer, was acquired by the small contract furniture company the Jasper Corporation in 1959 (if you have been following this blog you know Jasper is not stranger to quality furniture). From this collaboration of furniture and fine artistic craftsmanship has evolved into one of the most recognized names in office furniture. They produce a full line of offer furnishings.

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“Ergonomics” is the science of designing the workstation to fit within the capabilities and limitations of the worker. Office ergonomics is designing your office work station so that it fits you and allows for a comfortable working environment for maximum productivity and efficiency.

When you are looking at furniture, cubicles, and seating for your office you want to ask yourself a few things. You want to think from top to bottom or the “head, fingers, knees and toes” concept.

Let’s start at the top. Your head does many things from talking in person with customers to personal phone calls with clients. You want to ergonomically be using a headset for calls if possible and a phone that doesn’t cause an individual to jam their neck. Check with your office furniture retailer for conference call phones and headsets. Remember when your Mom said, “Stand up straight?” Well regarding ergonomics you want to be sitting straight and not slouching. Proper lumbar support keeps a healthy and pain free neck, back and spine. Ergonomically correct chairs come in many colors, styles and fashions these days and can fit a in a modern office space or a traditional space.

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A few months ago we released our first round of recommended Office Furniture companies. We introduced you to various manufactures that are not only quality with a reputation for excellent customer service but also quality that will last. The second release of our best office furniture companies are waiting to service you needs.




26 Enwork– This company is out of Lowell Michigan, founded in 2003, buy Husband and wife David and Kelli Powell. Their company goal is to be fast, hassle free, easy to do business with, and a problem solving company. The carry casegoods, tables, steel desking, and storage. Supplies to the US and Canada.

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