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“February proved to be an incredibly strong month for employment with increases we have not seen in years,” Ahu Yildirmaz, vice president and co-head of the ADP Research Institute

The economy is about to shift, this change will affect both large corporations and small businesses, there is a ripple effect caused by economic growth that has exponential reach.  Being prepared for these changes give competitive advantage over the business opponents. Having space and furnishing for expanding human capital, while not weighing down the current budget, or cluttering the current space is a daunting task.

Budget can be a concern for small businesses that don’t have the available funds to expand but want to engage the growing market opportunities. Utilizing previously owned furniture will decrease the need for large immediate funds while providing the need for new office furniture.  Resale distributors can offer fair and often better than their competitors pricing.  New office furniture is just as important of an investment as work force. Human capital unlike furniture can fluctuate after the initial investment new office furniture cannot, however both investments can greatly affect the bottom line.  The average cost of hiring a new employee is, for hourly employees 20% of the employee’s projected income for the year, and for salaried employees the average is between $2000-$4000.  Making an investment into the future with employees unlike furniture will be an investment that gives back. New office furniture is a investment in the moral of the team and employees.

Work Space that new employees that enter the job market need a place to work weather they are production workers, administrative staff, or service provider. Production and line worker still need space for meeting, personal belonging and breaks, and documentation of their production line’s output.  New office furniture for the production space would include meeting tables, filing cabinets, and lounge or seating solutions.  On the administration side of the office the new office furniture need is everything from specialty office furniture, lounge seating solutions, meeting tables, full filing systems, office desks, to task seating solutions.
Finding the right fit for these new office furniture that would be needed for expanding workforce is very precise and require planning and can be evaluated by a design professional at a cost.  Using the retail consultant with the new office furniture often comes free of charge and just needs to be established ahead of time.  Have clear lines, a budget, and desire for versatility with continued growth and hiring a designer can be avoided.

Flexibility. Is required for a unpredictable work force.  In a reactive economy there needs to be flexibility to grow or get lean following the tri-state-office-furniture-pittsburgh-interior-designrapid changes that are occurring in a shifting market.  The ability to be flexible with physical property is much more difficult than human capital human capital can be released at a moment’s notice.  While physical investment must either be disposed of either through auction, sale, destruction, or donation.  Having a good relationship with a re-purposing warehouse is beneficial in both the increase and decrease of the economy, because no matter the economic forecast there is are benefits.  From design and planning, to purchase and delivery, and back to resale and shipment; having a company that specializes in used and new office furniture on speed dial is never a bad thing.  Are you prepared for what this year has to offer.  Call us today with any questions, or just stop in and say hello at one of our Pittsburgh PA, Wheeling WV, or Charleston WV showrooms today.

When you think about making changes for your business everything needs to be evaluated. From future market forecast, market depreciation, durability, over all benefit, and cost. There are many things every business owner must consider before making a change. Working closely with the accounting department, consultants, and field experts will ease difficulty of selecting from the choices that are available. This process applies to talent acquisitions, technological upgrades, office relocation, brand expansion, marketing plans, and the list goes on, however one business element of greater importance is office furniture. Does office furniture value and price correspond?Modern_clock



Expanding or restyling is an investment into the future of your business. New Office Furniture could be for an expanding clientele or due to new office staff. An evolving office staff is a foundational component to a solid and loyal team that will bring about strong workforce and strong ROI for the company. Increasing the office furniture value is one component into increasing the Company value.

Looking for staying power is another important element to not only the organization and workforce but also to workplace stylings. Having a reliable physical space for organization and structure and stress free operations to be completed. There are also warranties available to guarantee the excellence of the products. This also guarantees longevity, which is a big part of office furniture value because these products have a longer use life than is what is deemed by the depreciation value per standard accounting regulations.



Having an aesthetically pleasing and functional space is another element to office furniture value. Atmosphere simultaneously benefits employees, employers, and clients. There is a cycle of confidence, hard work, commitment to set goals, and positive results when surrounded by a stimulating ambiance. Being set up for success is a big part of achieving success.

Wheeling West Virginia_Tri-State Office Furniture_Store Location

Finding the right items for the right price that meets the quality, atmosphere, and growth capabilities is what any business owner wants. Finding the right price point is specific to each organization. There are solutions for every budget, especially when considering second hand items like, office chairs, reception desks, conference room desks, lounge area seating, filing cabinets, and cubicles. Finding office furniture with the right price with all the important elements of buying new office furniture met is definitely a valuable find. Browse our new and used items in one of our warehouses today.

“If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” That is how the old saying goes.  While most employees like their job the office environment is usually not described as a dream location. Constructing an environment that employees want to be in, while avoiding a sterile feel is important to the moral of employees. That trickles down through all work channels and can affect the customers too. Office art can be incorporated in many ways, from cubicle trimmings to act deco style functional furnishings, wall art to sculptures, a little bit of flare goes a long way.


Herman Miller AO2 Cubicles 1

Sterile Cubicles that have an open canvas for personal style to be added.

Cubicles are rarely something that evoke excitement, even the most creative folks can struggle with a cubicle’s design. These spaces are designed to allow the work force a designated work space. They allow for separation between spaces and easy access to co-workers. However, most cubicles are made of semi cushioned or cork-board with a cloth covering and lot of medium density fiberboard with a commercial laminate finish and cool neutral cool metal finishing. This area can be dressed up much like a teacher class room, using paper boarders or decals that reflect seasonal changes or you can customize your cubicle with different fabric at Tri-State Office Furniture. Photos are always a standard addition to each employee’s space, along with plant life. Thinking a bit more outside the box, using fabrics and crafting supplies along with magazine clippings and frames the small office art can be reflective of the large office’s style.


This cubicle is a work of office art in itself.

Stylized furniture

Not every set of cubicles are bland or sterile, some options have a more stylized design that mimics traditional office furnishing. These furnishing are more office art then furnishings, incorporating specific materials like wood, steel, or glass. These furnishings also often have vibrant colors and varied textures of textiles and fabric to create a visually interesting presence, while not distracting from the office environment. These concepts can be taken to the extreme too.  In Google’s offices, they have spaces set up like living rooms, or subway cars to inspire out of the box thinking with out of the office type décor.

Art Installations and wall art


Functional office art for lounge areas and privacy for increased productivity.

If holding a meeting in a space that looks like a subway car or like a hospital room doesn’t appeal to you find a happy medium. Keep the installations, like the subway car or thought provoking sculptures to a designated area like the lobby or foyer. Keep objects that may distract employees or clients in areas that will not distract from the daily operations of the office. They will serve as a conversation starter upon arrival and departure. Use wall art to brighten the office without demanding all of the attention in office. Office art tends to maintain a tradition feel unless of course the space is extremely stylized.


Artwork header

Traditional Office Art

Office art should be a compliment to the daily operations of the business. It should distract enough from the day to inspire creativity but not so much that it inhibits achieving productivity.

Using an interior designer or office design consultant like Tri-State Office Furniture’s knowledgeable staff will ensure that the office is set up for the best business practices while keeping the employees and employer happy. Contact a consultant today!



Refurbished Office Furniture Tri-State Office Furniture Installation

The trend of wanting things new and designer, is a thing of the past. Refurbished Office Furniture is a great trend that allows for individuality as well as an eco-friendly alternative to throwing away old furniture. Buying new furniture will be old in a short time anyways. It is kind of interesting when you think about it that way huh? Anyways, according to a global market research company by the name Technavio, refurnishing office furniture, will be an increasing trend for office and home furnishings until late 2020. Read More

tri-state-office-furniture-august-newsletter-click-hereTri-State Office Furniture – August Newsletter. Check out Tri-State Office Furniture’s NEW Office Furniture Arrivals. Are you looking to purchase or upgrade existing cubicles? Having trouble keeping to your budget? Let Tri-State Office Furniture assist you with our amazing refurbishing capabilities! Our experienced and skilled team can help you find the perfect furniture to fit your needs and your budget.

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Efficient fixes, hopefully before a problem arises, is how a successful business operates. Always assessing and managing blind spots, leaks, bleeds, and kinks in the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual operations. Office problems can be categorized into a number of major categories with many companies existing solely for office solutions, often promising to serve all office needs although specializing in very different services. Knowing the anatomy of office solutions is the first step in handling any setback or forecasting setbacks.

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If you have read any of our other publications, you know that one of the key players in the office furniture game is Kimball Office. We featured Kimball Office in the third part of our top 100 Office Furniture Companies series last year. Kimball Office, originally known as a piano manufacturer, was acquired by the small contract furniture company the Jasper Corporation in 1959. From this collaboration of furniture and fine artistic craftsmanship has evolved into one of the most recognized names in office furniture. They produce a full line of office, hospitality, healing, and learning environment furnishings. This company has a global reach and is known as Kimball International.

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Highly efficient production is the foundation of every business. Whether on the production floor, in the board room, or on the human resources team, there are obstacles to overcome in achieving the division’s goals. Understanding how to maximize the potential for efficiency by negating traffic jams and miscommunication is a key part to any company. Large companies even have their employees sign a non-compete compliance contract that can either bar an employee from seeking employment with a competitor for a specified period of time or a confidentiality agreement to protect their intellectual property – which is not limited to but can include office layout and flow. Finding your perfect office layout may take time and a series of trials and errors but here are a few tips and things to be aware of from the furniture industry professionals when implementing your office layout. Read More

Click-here_Tri-State-Office-Furniture-June-NewsletterJune Newsletter – Tri-State Office Furniture

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Woo-Hoo new office! Let us help you create the perfect office work space. We have hundreds of items in stock – Why go anywhere else?

Blowout Sale! High Quality Closeout Laminate Furniture. Matching desks, credenzas, conference tables & more. Ready for delivery!

New furniture arrivals are here – chairs, desks, tables & more!

Visit one of our three showrooms, no appointment necessary. Need to update your office space? Look no further, we proudly own all our inventories and we also sell New!

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March is the month when things come together in more ways than one, moving toward rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation. The weather finally breaks from the harshness of winter, the days begin to grow longer, snow turns to rain and at home the spring cleaning begins. Spring cleaning isn’t just a residential activity though and is often applied in office environments. The objective of spring cleaning is to do away with the unneeded or malfunctioning, reorganize, and increase efficiency – all critical elements to successful business operations. Relying on and understanding how to use office systems makes this process manageable.

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