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Tri-State Office Furniture opens the doors to its fourth location in the heart of West Virginia’s state capital. We are excited at the opportunity to bring our brand of exceptional customer service & unparalleled new & used office furniture inventory to a city known for its people’s genuine hospitality.

Charleston, WV_Tri-State Office Furniture_Location

Our Charleston WV location is stocked with some of the most recognizable names in corporate & residential office furnishings – all at a fraction of the price of new. Customers can expect to save up to 80% off the cost of new furniture. Our used office furniture inventory include brand names such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Allsteel, Haworth & HON and more.

Our local office liquidation projects & furniture buy-back programs give us the ability to show our customers a positive return, all the while keeping our used office furniture inventory fresh. Tri-State Office Furniture’s ability to cycle product through all four of our locations, along with our comprehensive website, give our customers unprecedented access to over 525,000 square feet of new, used & remanufactured desks, files, chairs & cubicles. Charleston, West Virginia, is a city with a storied past & a bright future, & Tri-State Office Furniture is proud to be a part of the cultural, recreational, & business capital of the Appalachian Mountains.

The transition into creating more collaborative workspace furniture is in full swing and the advantages of incorporating them into your offices are too great to be ignored. One of the many things major corporations have in common is the significant investments made into research and development to improve all areas of operations. This is especially true for increasing productivity with office furniture.

Collaborative Workspace Furniture is a Growing Trend

In case you are not very familiar with collaborative workspaces and why they are ever-increasing in popularity, they are essentially office spaces with open layouts that increase creativity and innovation in the workplace. If you’ve seen pictures of the offices of innovative companies such as Microsoft, Google and Skype, then you are already well aware of the “cool factor” these workspaces provide. Benching solutions red More than just trendy designs, however, there are a number of tangible perks of having a more and open collaborative workspace. Some of which include:

  • A stronger sense of urgency to work at a higher level. This is due to being in the presence of others so there is a subtle pressure to be viewed as a strong member of the team.
  • Improved working relationships between employees as the open spaces almost force collaboration and requires coworkers to develop chemistry with one another.
  • Strengthened connections between employees and the product as well as the company mission.
  • Worker satisfaction is increased because of the human interaction throughout the workday that allows for the development of beneficial working relationships
  • Greater problem solving capabilities because of multiple skill sets being brought to the table, which allows for moving through tasks more quickly and enhanced efficiency.

Ways to Incorporate Collaborative Workspaces into Your Office

While collaborative workpsaces can be hubs of innovative designs, there are a few principles that should be adhered to in order to maximize the results.

tire seatingOpen Seating

Cubicles are very effective work stations for completing focused, individual tasks. However, they are very ineffective in supporting group activities and stifle the flow of ideas across the office. Open seating in the office creates a space where coworkers can comfortably gather to discuss current projects with one another and receive ideas they may not have come up with on their own.

Clear Walls and Partitions

For the same reason that cubicles are not ideal for collaboration, offices filled with closed spaces and walled partitions encourage working alone and closed communication. Recognizing there are needs for spaces where meetings need to be held in silence, however, introducing glass walls and partitions that are clear open up the entire office space. Other partition options that work well include workstations assembled like cubicles, but only have a 6-8 inch partition surrounding it so that coworkers can easily see and communicate with others around them.

Task-Specific Areas

Different offices have different needs which require varying setups for maximum efficiency. To get the most out of an office layout, create task-specific areas. For example, areas with ample comfortable seating are ideal for briefly resting and recharging. Areas with walls covered in chalkboard paint and conference-style seating make for great brainstorming sessions.

More Common Areas

Studies show that more interactions between coworkers, whether purposeful or accidental, results in open communication. Types of common areas that work well for this include cafeterias, kitchens and open places for reading that allows for casual conversations. Benching solutions green

Furniture Brands Creating Collaborative Workspaces

While many of the Fortune 500 companies who are responsible for sparking the collaborative workspace trend have hired the services of top architects and interior designers to create custom office solutions, there are a many furniture manufacturers that are creating affordable furniture for open office layouts. Here are a few worth highlighting:


The Harbor Work Lounge by Haworth introduces sleek contemporary designs into the office space while combining elements of lounge chairs and task seating. Armed with an ottoman and a side table, this work lounge can stand alone as its own workstation or can be arranged with others to create a workspace that makes collaborating and brainstorming a comfortable and productive activity.

benching solutions modern

Turnstone by Steelcase

The Turnstone suite of office furniture by Steelcase is a case study on modern furniture that combines comforting elements of traditional designs with the clean and angular elements of contemporary The bivi workstations are a benching system that fosters a collaborative company culture by providing clear and open workstations that will not discourage workers by herding them into soul-crushing The Post and Beam collection is an architectural framework that allows you to build structured areas of an office that have clear glass enclosures that will offer the privacy of a walled-in room for conferences along with the openness of modern office spaces.

Making the Transition to Collaborative Workspaces

Before embarking on the conversion to creating collaborative workspaces, it’s important to plan ahead for how you will complete the transition. Look for full solutions from retailers like Tri-State Furniture who can deliver new furniture for your collaborative workspace while buying your current office Complete solutions like these make it possible for your business to focus on what it does best and relieves you from worry over what to do with your old office furniture as well as helping to alleviate the cost of the new furniture.

Tri-State Office Furniture recognizes that overhauling your current office space can seem overwhelming at first, but armed with the right information and resources, making the transition will result in an improved workflow and productivity for your business.

Commonly referred to as “The Super Bowl of Office Furniture”, Neocon 2014 certainly lived up to the hype. Over 40,000 design and architecture professionals filed into Chicago’s famed Merchandise Mart to see the latest creations from industry giants like “Herman Miller”, “Steelcase”, “Haworth”, “Kimball Office” , “Paoli” & “HON” just to name a few. Now that everything has settled down a bit, here are the highlights from Neocon 2014, the largest tradeshow of its kind.

Featured Industries and Standout Solutions

Commercial interior solutions for the hospitality, healthcare, education, government, environmental and retail were on display at Neocon 2014. While there were an abundance of exhibitors present, there were many standouts that are worthy of being pointed out.


Ardea Light by Herman Miller
Working for extended periods of time is almost always made more efficient with task lighting. While task lighting is intended to improve focus on the work at hand, the new Ardea Light by Herman Miller may be more of a distraction at first. Inspired by the long, flexible necks of majestic great herons, this task lamp features the sleek lines and environmentally-friendly materials required of a modern office.

Openest by Haworth
Haworth, Inc. had an impressive showing at the 2014 NeoCon furniture fair. For the second consecutive year, the Holland-based company was awarded with NeoCon’s highest honor, the Best in Competition Award (Openest). Openest, is an ensemble of products for collaborative spaces created by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, captivated at the annual show and went on to win the Best of Competition Award. The collection is a favorite among industry leaders and visitors as it also received a Gold Award in the Collaborative Collections category. Openest consists of Feather sofas, Chick pouf-seating, Sprig tables and Plume space-dividing screens that offer design flexibility.

The Growing Trend of Health in the Workplace

Over the past few years, an increased emphasis has been placed on health in the workplace. Pair scientific research that shows how sitting for long periods of time is bad for so many aspects of our health with the fact that work takes up so much of the day that there is rarely any time left to workout, and it becomes clear that something needs to be done.
Some commercial interior designers and furniture makers took to the challenge and what resulted was nothing short of innovative.
The Cubii, for example, created by the cutting-edge furniture company Fitness Cubed is an exercise device that fits neatly underneath your desk and combines the motion of an exercise bike and an elliptical trainer.
Smaller than most desk exercise equipment, the Cubii can be adjusted in a variety of ways so that your knees never hit the underside of your desk and the smooth glide system ensures that keeping your legs in motion while sitting at the desk is as effortless as possible.
In keeping in line with all things modern, the Cubii comes with a mobile app that wirelessly connects to the machine and can track progress via calories, revolutions, distance and more. Results can be shared with others to encourage a little friendly competition and ultimately lead to a healthier workplace as moreco-workers get involved.

Commercial interior design is serious business and the new and innovative designs presented at Neocon 2014 will have your business ahead of the curve and trending up as having one of the best designed office spaces in the area.

Computers have truly changed our world and how we exist in it. Everything seems possible, from having a meeting with a client in Japan via Skype, to accessing instant customer reviews of a product with two simple clicks. We move at lightning speed and always expect excellence. Although how is excellence rated? Read More

Spring is in the air, the birds are chirping, the sun is up earlier, the rain is making grass green and the flspring time sun and flowerowers bloom, and it seems like there is more time in the day to get stuff done. Spring-cleaning is well under way, and it is time for a fresh new look. These feelings naturally come with this time of year especially in places where there is a seasonal change. These seasonal changes can affect mood and energy. This shifting may make you fall out of love with your surroundings and put you in the mood for a fresh start. Read More

In a society tech obsessed and constantly in search of good, better, and best, there is a focus on evaluation and comparison. There are magazines and web pages dedicated to finding the best products and rating the efficiency of new tools. But this idea of being best doesn’t just stop at products; people are subject to this rating system as well. While a computer can be upgraded with software changes and cars can get annual maintenance to keep things running smoothly what can we do to increase our own productivity. There are roughly 480 minutes in every workday, how do you get the most out of them? How many minutes are lost waiting for an unorganized co-worker, or in search of a peer? How much of the day is designated for self-motivated work verses collaborative projects? Are you using the most of your time wisely?  There are some simple adjustments that can be made and maintained to help you and your office team work at peek performance. Here are seven tips that are a collaborative effort from the entire office staff on how to improve productivity. Read More


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TRI-STATE OFFICE FURNITURE is very proud of our new McKees Rocks location. With 90 thousand square feet, 1 Sexton has become the Hub for all three Tri-State Office Furniture locations.

Our inventory is ever changing & is at a quality level unrivaled by any other pre-owned office furniture store in the Tri-State area & beyond. Quite simply we are bringing a superior product to our customers at a higher volume & more efficiently than any of our competitors. 

Additionally, we have our 40 thousand square foot facility on West Carson Street in Pittsburgh, PA and our 35 thousand square foot facility in Wheeling, WV.  We are confident we can bring the largest selection of quality pre-owned office furniture, and workstations in the tri-state area.  We have a wide variety of new furniture manufacturers, to suit any budget:  from cost efficient to mid-market to high-end office furniture.

Think Spring…Go Green!

We proudly offer affordable eco-friendly office furniture that not only looks professional, but easy on the environment.

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**Your Cubicle walls should not look like your cars floormats**

Spring Cleaning is in full swing and Tri-State Office Furniture is here to help!

Another harsh winter is finally coming to an end, & as the sun begins to rise earlier, & set later, most people are looking to wash away the messy winter residue from the months that passed. Cars are being taken to the local detail shop, residential carpets & drapes are being cleaned & our hardwood floors are being buffed & polished. But an often overlooked area of our lives, is perhaps the one that we spend the most time in. Our workplace, & for a large number of us this means our cubicle…our own little personal piece of workforce real-estate! A vast majority of cubicle walls are comprised of fabric covered panels, & like all fabric over time it captures & retains dust, dirt, salt, & other chemical pollutants & worst of all germs. And while nearly every office has cubicles, nearly none of them have any type of seasonal or even yearly plan in place to clean & maintain them. Tri-State Office Furniture has a plan for you. Our Pristine Panel Professionals will come on-site at a time that is most convenient for you & give your work stations & chairs a complete once over. All panel walls will first be vacuumed & spot treated, followed by an intense steam cleaning & de-odorizing. Your work surfaces will be clean & disinfected, & all file cabinets wiped down. Your chairs will go through an almost identical process as the panels, only at the end we’ll take the time to “armor all” the arms & chair bases.  Our top notch cleaning professionals will completely refresh & revitalize you weather beaten workstations. Having your cubicles professionally cleaned not only makes sense from a health & productivity stand point, but it also makes sense from an economic point of view as well, because when done on semi-annual basis it can extend the life of you office furnishings by up to fifty percent.

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**Is your Office Chair up to the task?**


The days of 9 to 5 with an hour for lunch & three breaks are in the past. Today’s companies are smaller & each individual employee is expected to put in longer hours to keep up with the workload. Employees need an office chair that can comfortably keep up with their ever growing work schedule. Tri-State Office Furniture offers a vast selection of quality pre-owned chairs ergonomically designed to allow workers to sit comfortably for periods of time longer than 8 hours. With pre-owned options from Steelcase, Neutral Posture, & Herman Miller we offer top of the line ergonomic seating solutions at a fiscally responsible price.

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**Kimball Office Traditional**

Tri-State Office Furniture has Kimball Senator, & Presidential series office furniture. Carefully crafted with select veneer & traditional style handles.

With Kimball Office’s distinctive world class design, & quality craftsmanship, these office suites are a can’t miss! Beauty & luxury meet comfort & affordability!

Desks, hutches, credenzas, bookcases, & round tables all available to be sold as an office suite, or as individual accent pieces for your existing office furniture.


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