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Refurbished Office Furniture Tri-State Office Furniture Installation

The trend of wanting things new and designer, is a thing of the past. Refurbished Office Furniture is a great trend that allows for individuality as well as an eco-friendly alternative to throwing away old furniture. Buying new furniture will be old in a short time anyways. It is kind of interesting when you think about it that way huh? Anyways, according to a global market research company by the name Technavio, refurnishing office furniture, will be an increasing trend for office and home furnishings until late 2020.


Refurbished Office Furniture can be anything you dream it to be

The basis for this increase in popularity it is due to a perfect storm scenario. The south rising wind is the strong economy in the the United States is on the rise therefore more business and office opportunities are popping up as well, these offices all need furnishing. We see the baby boom generation retiring and their children, the millennial’s, coming up into the business world pushing, shoving and struggling for a desk and even in some cases being forced to work from home. Refurbishing existing furniture cuts down on costs and brings a degree of uniqueness to the office.

It is also the desire for that uniqueness that also accelerates the trend. Custom design furniture is in high demand. Designer furniture is great but their work is by far not one-of-a-kind there is no character or history to a mass-produced piece of furniture. A customized refurbished item has both character and history as well as reinforced strength having gone through a destruction, reinforcement, and rebuild process. The fun thing about incorporating these previously loved items is that they can come in all shapes and sizes with various motif, and once refurbished the can have a matching look despite the foundational differences, or stand out as eclectic statements.

Lastly the greenpre-owned-re-manufactured-desks factor. Every corporation has an unspoken responsibility to be aware of, if not make conscious efforts to a be a leader in the green initiative. Refurbishing furniture not only keeps old furniture from being thrown out it also decreases the energy needed to produce new furniture, and down the road prevents the unmade furniture from becoming land fill. Recycling previously loved pieces is the most responsible choice in Office furniture replacement. And you get to let your individuality shine, or you can work with a company and try to have everything be the same.

Technavio used cultural, economic and environmental data to predict the trending of refurbished, repurposing, or recycling older office furniture. Be a head of the trend and have the hottest new office in the city by calling and setting up your appointment with one of the most educated repurposers’ in the business, our reliable sales team. They can walk you through the inventory and see what can just be recycled and what has life beyond it’s years through refurbishing call today 1 (855) 885-3375 or contact us here.

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