filing cabinets

The Church OnlinePittsburgh, PA – Customer Overview: Since 2002, The Church Online has built a team of tech-savvy, creative, and strategic professionals to address a variety of client needs. We specialize in comprehensive solutions for streaming video technology and website development as well as graphic design.  

The Church Online also runs a thriving book publishing division that works with influential pastors and authors throughout the United States. Beyond the initial consultation and ease of “one-stop” solutions delivery, we also provide customized packages developed to meet your unique outreach needs. The Church Online serves Ministries, Non-Profits and For Profit Business/Organizations.

The project scope for consists of Pre-Owned office furniture.

Project Details:

Pre-owned Herman Miller Ethospace workstations were delivered and installed to create a private and productive work environment for employees.

Pre-Owned Office Furniture:

  • Herman Miller Ethospace Workstations

Services Provided:

Sales Rep: Joe Martz

(Below are images of the installation)

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