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“If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” That is how the old saying goes.  While most employees like their job the office environment is usually not described as a dream location. Constructing an environment that employees want to be in, while avoiding a sterile feel is important to the moral of employees. That trickles down through all work channels and can affect the customers too. Office art can be incorporated in many ways, from cubicle trimmings to act deco style functional furnishings, wall art to sculptures, a little bit of flare goes a long way.


Herman Miller AO2 Cubicles 1

Sterile Cubicles that have an open canvas for personal style to be added.

Cubicles are rarely something that evoke excitement, even the most creative folks can struggle with a cubicle’s design. These spaces are designed to allow the work force a designated work space. They allow for separation between spaces and easy access to co-workers. However, most cubicles are made of semi cushioned or cork-board with a cloth covering and lot of medium density fiberboard with a commercial laminate finish and cool neutral cool metal finishing. This area can be dressed up much like a teacher class room, using paper boarders or decals that reflect seasonal changes or you can customize your cubicle with different fabric at Tri-State Office Furniture. Photos are always a standard addition to each employee’s space, along with plant life. Thinking a bit more outside the box, using fabrics and crafting supplies along with magazine clippings and frames the small office art can be reflective of the large office’s style.


This cubicle is a work of office art in itself.

Stylized furniture

Not every set of cubicles are bland or sterile, some options have a more stylized design that mimics traditional office furnishing. These furnishing are more office art then furnishings, incorporating specific materials like wood, steel, or glass. These furnishings also often have vibrant colors and varied textures of textiles and fabric to create a visually interesting presence, while not distracting from the office environment. These concepts can be taken to the extreme too.  In Google’s offices, they have spaces set up like living rooms, or subway cars to inspire out of the box thinking with out of the office type décor.

Art Installations and wall art


Functional office art for lounge areas and privacy for increased productivity.

If holding a meeting in a space that looks like a subway car or like a hospital room doesn’t appeal to you find a happy medium. Keep the installations, like the subway car or thought provoking sculptures to a designated area like the lobby or foyer. Keep objects that may distract employees or clients in areas that will not distract from the daily operations of the office. They will serve as a conversation starter upon arrival and departure. Use wall art to brighten the office without demanding all of the attention in office. Office art tends to maintain a tradition feel unless of course the space is extremely stylized.


Artwork header

Traditional Office Art

Office art should be a compliment to the daily operations of the business. It should distract enough from the day to inspire creativity but not so much that it inhibits achieving productivity.

Using an interior designer or office design consultant like Tri-State Office Furniture’s knowledgeable staff will ensure that the office is set up for the best business practices while keeping the employees and employer happy. Contact a consultant today!

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