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 “There is no substitute for hard work.”

Thomas Edison

Monolithic / Solid Surface Panel Systems


Monolithic panels are the most cost effective way to create virtually any aesthetic in your workstation / cubicle design. These panels are available in hundreds of fabric options, a variety of paint, and laminate options are available to create a clean customized look.

Segmented / Tiled Panel Systems


Like all panel systems, segmented panels can construct any configuration—open plan, private offices, reception areas, conference rooms and more. Power can be placed in various locations on the panels, including beltline. They allow for a variety of finishes and textures on each panel, giving a more visually stimulating aesthetic. Segmented Tiles can be: glass, metal, fabric, marker board, &/or lami-nate.



From open, collaborative spaces to focused environments, benching systems are designed to meet the demands of any workplace. Engineered for the way you work today, and designed to adapt with you in the future, benching sys-tems meet the needs of a diverse and ever-changing work environment.

Sit-to-Stand / Height Adjustable


With its sleek and flexible design, height adjustable desks provide unparalleled space planning choices. With its un-compromised ergonomic function, this thoughtfully de-signed benching platform is engineered for the evolving workplace.

Typical Layouts


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